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Short Stories


In between books, in fact, sometimes during books, I write short stories.  Writing them keeps me sharp and makes me use my skills.  For me, short stories are a chance to really indulge my perfectionism and love of words.  The same rules that apply to writing short stories, apply to writing books even to the point that  I generally approach each chapter within a book, as though it’s a short story.

Recently my short story, The Water Cure, was published in Epiphmag.  Check it out.  It’s free and there are plenty of stories to read.   Tell me what you think but be warned, my short stories are usually dark, scary and at least a little unnerving.


Hello world!


Well, who ever would have thought they’d find me here!  It’s taken a while.  Mostly me blogging on and visiting other people’s sites before I decided I should brave this on my own!  So here’s the deal.  Be gentle.  I’m learning. 

While I’m here though, I should probably tell you about why I’ve decided to start a blog.  Well, it’s book based really.  I’m doing a bit of a book tour in june and am really looking forward to it.  I also thought that all the students I talk to, should have a chance to tell me how I went…so this is their forum as much as mine. 

Also, good books and good food are two of my favourite things, so I want to hear from people who have similar interests.  Who maybe want to tell me what’s good and what’s not on their bookcases and also in their kitchens!  So fire away.  Tell me what you’re reading, what you’re cooking and how it’s all turning out. 

Now I’m leaving you for a while in order to make some jam drops and cupcakes for the smallest child’s lunchbox next week.  Have a good one!