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21st Century Authors


Well, I did it.  I joined the 21st century.  I realise that probably happened when my books appeared as ebooks on Amazon.  It might also have happened when I started being allowed to submit queries by email.  Or, I might have considered myself ‘modern’ the first time I Skyped.  But no, today outstripped all my other technological advances.  Today I signed a Kindlegraph!

I love signing my books at any time.  It’s such a compliment for someone to buy, read and keep a book for an autograph.  It’s true, I worry over what to write and whether my handwriting is good enough, but ultimately, I really just love that someone wants my autograph.
For this reason, I’ve always felt a little ‘detached’ from my ebooks.  I never really considered them the kind of thing that people might keep, pore over and get signed as a keepsake.  I don’t know why I felt that way, I just did.
As you can imagine, signing myself up to Kindlegraph, was an eye opening experience.  I had thought it would involve me scanning my signature etc, etc.  But no.  For the sake of convenience, they let you choose your signature.  Serioiusly, the Kindlegraph program takes your author name and offers up a dozen different ‘written’ signatures from which to choose.  The one I selected is almost identical to my handwritten signature.  It was so exciting to see, I can’t even tell you.
The image below is the entry to the Kindlegraph site.  The front page is Tina Fey’s ‘Bossypants’ (great book btw).  You can see how the dedications and signatures come out looking.  They’re great!

Don't know how much this cost Ms Fey's publishers, but I bet it was worth it!

So the summary of my day.  Finished ghost-writing a GINORMOUS book, but got excited about my Kindlegraph.  I guess there’s just no helping a technogeek, right?
Oh yes, if you’d like me to sign a Kindlegraph for you, you can click on this link, request my Kindlegraph, your request will appear in my email inbox.  I’ll sign and then BAM it’ll be magically transported to your Kindle.  **sigh** life is just full of little miracles, is it not?

The Signing…




Mary Ryans girls and Me!


Firstly, a BIG thank you to the girls at Mary Ryans.  They’re very organised and incredibly enthusiastic, which made me feel much more confident about the signing itself.  Not as many people showed as I would have liked but we did sell about half the copies the bookshop had ordered, so that’s a good start.   One of them went to a young girl named Charlotte who loves English and wants to be a writer.  I’m very excited by that.

I guess the rules for signings are the same as with everything else I’ve written with only slight variations.

  1.    Get there early to help set up.
  2.    Bring a pretty tablecloth and any other promo gear you desire.
  3.    Don’t sit, stand so that you can walk around and meet people. 

    I practice what I preach, note the tablecloth, lollipops, postcards etc

  4.    Have a chat, be personable and enthusiastic and people will appreciate your efforts
  5. Take photos.  (I’m always really bad at remembering this bit so there are only a couple to post here!)

Anyway, that was today.  Tomorrow is the gala launch in Melbourne.  I’ll try to keep you updated from there!  Meantime, keep reading and writing.