Agave – Succulent In Every Way


So, it would seem there is life off the Strip.  The Strip in Las Vegas I mean, a name which may actually relate more to the fact that people wear little clothing, than to the ‘strip mall’ nature of the place.  Whatever, two days ago we ventured into real world Las Vegas, where people have jobs, raise kids and occasionally eat out.

When it comes to eating out, let me recommend Agave.  We’ve eaten there twice now, and tonight I read that it’s one of America’s top 25 tequila bars.  The food is amazing, everything from the warm corn chips and trio of fresh dips, to the black bean and cheese soup will leave you making pleasured faces and begging to compliment the chef.  The prawn ceviche is nothing less than amazing and truly, the margaritas will knock you fair off your chair.  If it should happen that the margaritas don’t cheer you right up, ask the hostess to do her Steve Irwin impression.  It’s hilarious and fun.  I love a restaurant where the staff enjoy themselves and Agave is one of those.  At the top of Agave’s drinks list is the Millionaire Margarita.  I’ve yet to taste it but the ingredients include platino platinum cuervo, lime juice, grand marnier 150 and instead of a salt rim, your glass will be dipped in silver dust.  That’s right, silver dust, platinum tequila and gold grand marnier.  Bless me father for I intend on sinning.

Life and food, are better out here and I have to say that Sin City has been well and truly outstripped.


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  1. Hey thanks Laura! Now I have to think of others to whom I can send the award! Glad you know someone who can benefit from knowing about Agave. Truly, it’s worth the effort!

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