The Finishing Touch


Yesterday was the inaugural meeting of the new writers group started at the Runaway Bay Library on the Gold Coast.  We are a diverse group, interested in a variety of different genres and all at different phases of our writing and writing careers.  I think that rather than being a difficulty, this diversity is what will lend our group interest and strength.

I’ve never been responsible for organising a writers group before so was a little anxious about how it would go.  I think it was great.  I should have known better than to fret.  When you put a group of writers around a table it never fails to become a storytelling event, and this was exactly the case with our group.

One of the first things we needed to do was choose a name for the group (especially so that I could stop referring to us as ‘the group’ in my blog).  Creativity and humour leant all the possibilities an appeal.  Some of the suggestions were:

Writers Block

Desperate Authors

Finishing Touch

The Write Stuff

Dream On

Myself, I preferred Finishing Touch, as it felt nice and positive.  Also, this is what I need the group to do for me.  I need them to keep me on task.  I need them to expect things from me.  I need them to expect that I will act like a writer and actually write! (I’ve been a bit slack with that lately).

As a group, we also decided that we need to feel purposeful.  It won’t be a group that is about chitchat, it’ll be directed and helpful.  When I can, I’ll get other writers and industry people to talk to us about their field, their methods and experiences.  We’re also going to refer to a lovely little book called ‘The Weekend Novelist’ which will hopefully help to step people through the process of producing a finished product.

All in all, our meeting finished on a very positive note and I’m really looking forward to the next.  For a girl who never was a ‘joiner’, I think this is going to be a wonderful new experience!


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    • That’s very funny, Maureen, but I’m feeling honoured! Be careful though, it is addictive, especially if like me, you go looking for recipes and so forth. Suddenly there is a whole world of advisors awaiting!

    • Thanks Danielle! One of the people in my group has just mailed away her first ever submission of one of her short stories. I think that’s a very good start. Don’t you?

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