Every now and then I find myself with an abundance of leftovers.  Being averse to wasting perfectly good food, these are the times when I get inventive.  Tonight’s dinner was a fine example.  For dinner we had scallops with blanched asparagus, soba noodles all drizzled with an orange and ginger sauce and sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds.

Only…I didn’t actually have any oranges.  I had the juice I mentioned in my last post.  So I used that.  I figured that as the juice already had ginger in it, I was all good to go.  A splosh of rose wine (also a leftover), a pinch of salt, and voila!  The perfect sauce for scallops.

Dessert (which I don’t often eat but which is great for using up leftover fruit) was, for me, a bowl of strawberries with mascarpone cheese and a good slurp of honey.  The child had berry frozen yoghurt, which was also leftover from a meal a week or more ago.

There are a couple of funny/interesting things about this meal: 1)if I’d served it up to a visitor, they never would have known they were eating leftovers. 2) The leftovers are all things I’m trying to get rid of before I go to the markets tomorrow (so I have a cleared out fridge when I get home) and 3) lf you buy fresh, good food, it lasts longer AND your leftovers are FAB.

What’s your favourite leftover meal?


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