I have a feeling I’m about to do something stupid.  This is what happens when I get tired of waiting.  It’s fair to say that patience is not my chief virtue.  I have been described before as a ‘go getter’, a ‘doer’ and ‘enthusiastic’.  My brother-in-law describes me as being just like my sister…on speed.  Imagine then, how it feels for me to have to wait four months in order to hear from an agent.  Four months is an eternity for an enthusiastic, go-getting, doer on speed.

Three months ago, I submitted my new manuscript to an agent in the UK.  They replied to my query letter overnight.  How flattering.  They warned me that they’re backlogged and I’d have to wait four months to hear from them.  I was fine with that at the time.  I have other projects on the go, other things to think about.  At the end of the three month mark, I’m going CRAZY with curiosity.

Intellectually, I know that agents (and publishers) reject quickly and accept slowly; so the longer it takes the more promising things should seem, right?  INCORRECT! Right at the moment, the little devil sitting on my shoulder is whispering ‘in four months you’ll get a rejection letter and you’ll be right back where you started.  You’ll have waited all this time for nothing.  NOTHING!  Farm it out now.  Don’t waste any more time.’ That little devil knows, just as I do, that it’s a (relatively) small industry.  Multiple submissions are generally frowned upon.  So I’m ignoring him and waiting…

While I wait, I’m writing a romance novel and planning the next book to follow along from the manuscript that’s currently with the agent.  But I’m doing this with a despondent kind of feeling sitting in my chest.  That same little demon changes tactics and taunts ‘Why bother?  If you can’t sell the first, why bother with the second?’

Can anyone tell me how to lose this demon?  She’s driving me crazy!


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    • Hehehe…I fought off the devil woman with a bit of baking, some housework, a day’s work as a PA and twelve hundred words of new manuscript. She’s effectively banished for now.

      • Oh but if anyone has a method of banishment that doesn’t involve housework, I’d love to hear it!

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