My New and Simple Life


Recently, my husband, my daughter (my son flew the coop a little while ago) and I, moved from a house in the suburbs into an apartment at the beach.  I agreed to this move for one overarching reason, my possessions were beginning to feel as though they owned me, rather than the other way around.  My friends are all waiting for the novelty of this simplification of my life, to wear off.  That has yet to happen.  Let me tell you why:

  1. Our new location means I can now walk my daughter to and from her school.  That reduces everybody’s stress levels because I’m not wrestling my way through traffic and car parks twice a day.
  2. Everything we need (shops, libraries, school, doctors, dentists etc) is within walking and bike riding distance. See above regarding stress.
  3. I have had to opportunity to join a local pilates class that happens in our park (thanks to the city council) which has enabled me to meet neighbours and feel part of a community.
  4. The new, smaller location doesn’t require even half the upkeep of the old one, which frees me up to do things other than clean, mow, weed, clean, mow, weed.
  5. The smaller space has forced my family to live properly together, not simply in different rooms within the same house.

Of course, making a move like this is the opposite to what most people do. People in their late thirties tend to be making more money and therefore buy bigger houses, take on more responsibilities etc.  Me?  I’m all for moving into a smaller house and losing some of my responsibilities.  Rather than conforming to societal expectations, I feel I’ve earned the right to chase my own dreams, and I’m loving it.

The next few posts in this section are going to be about my newly simplified life.  Hints and tips for living in smaller spaces but maintaining a BIG life.  I hope you’ll enjoy them and offer some of your own.



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