Dear David-of-the-Melbourne-Office…


Dear David,

I don’t know your surname.  You’re the David in the Melbourne office with the nice accent and a helpful demeanour.  You’re the ‘team leader’ who actually fixed my problem.  There’s something you should know David.  You’re the first Telstra employee I’ve ever come across who seems to have a brain (before all Telstra operators email me instead of answering customer calls, I said he’s the only one I’ve come across, NOT the only one, but if you’re another one with a brain, this advice goes for you too).

I think you should be the president of the company.

The problem with your service David, was that after you’d tried so hard to fix all the problems that all the other losers have been ignoring for three months; you put me through to Telstra’s credit line, so I could pay the last amount owing on the account.  At this point, the little woman, who did not know I’d been talking to you for the last two hours, who barely spoke English (and trust me, at that point, I wish I’d spoken either Urdu or Hindi rather than the French, German and Italian, I currently struggle through, because I would have used it); told me that I was not an account holder and then proceeded to hang up on me.

She hung up on me David!  After all your hard work, she ruined what may otherwise have been a positive and hopeful impression.

After I’d finished weeping over my keyboard, I rang back and asked for you.  I was told that there are six “David Supervisors” in the Melbourne office.  I cried more then David, because I knew that really, there could only be one you.  “I want David-With-A-Brain!” I implored.

But then I met your friend Nathan, who is also a supervisor and who begged me to stop crying.  He asked if he could speak to the credit department on my behalf.  That was very nice of him.  I’ve never needed a translator before, so I was  ecstatic to find one who spoke fluent ‘Telstrase’ when I needed him.  He did a good job and the woman in the credit department agreed to let me give her money!

Here’s what I want to tell you though, David One-of-six-supervisors-in-the-Melbourne-office.  When they make you president of the company – and they really should because you’re exactly what they need –   stop making people cry before you give them service.  Stop giving people in your call centres, lists of appropriate responses, rather, let them respond to individual requests…individually!  Sack anyone who hangs up on a customer.  Provide incentives for people who initiate thoughtful solutions for clients.  Encourage your employees to ‘do unto others’, David.

OR, David-with-a-brain-one-of-six-davids-in-the-melbourne-office, if the above scenario seems unlikely, may I suggest one other thing?

LEAVE that ridiculous excuse for a company and go somewhere people will appreciate your thoughtful, solution oriented, customer service.  Because you know it’s never going to happen for you where you are!

I don’t tell you this to be mean or negative David.  I tell you this, because really, truly, you can do better.


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  1. Yes Lynsey! I felt bad about being so frustrated and angry because he’d REALLY tried his butt off and he’d been so polite and apologetic (for things that weren’t his fault) all the way through the fixing process. Such a crying shame (literally) that he had to have that ruined by an idiot!

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