Foley and The Friendship Launch


When I was in grade seven or eight, I had a favourite book.  It was called Your Friend, Rebecca. In the book, Rebecca was a loner without any real friends at

My Raffle Basket

all.  At that stage of my life, I really identified with her and thought that perhaps, this would also be the rest of my life.

Today I hosted the official launch of Foley Russel And That Poor Girl. I’m always nervous of events like this, because I’m not sure of how many people will show (you know the nightmare about the room full of food but no friends to share it).  When they do appear, I worry about sharing myself across so many people without having anyone feel left out.

On the other hand while circulating today, I took a moment to stop and just gaze across the crowd.  In that moment I felt incredibly lucky.  “Just look,” I thought to myself.  “Just look at all those people who showed up in support of me.  I must be the luckiest person on Earth.”  Even more gratifyingly, it’s been the same faces, that of late, have appeared at so many milestone events for me. They’re constant, these friends of mine.

The new friends who came along today, are people I’ve met since moving house.  How generous to come along in support of the new girl, just to be sure she’s not lost, lonely or left out.

Rebecca Fogarty drove for three hours to come to this event with her son, Cory and her husband Kim.  Cory has CF and Rebecca read this book when it was still in manuscript phase.  I was so thrilled to have her there, I couldn’t say so often enough.

There were sponsors too.  Mindfood Magazine, Fine Wine Partners, Belgian Delights Chocolates, Legs Eleven Stockings, Gold Coast Studio of Beauty and Eufloria.  These people donated their products and skills in support of a great cause (The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation).

Of course some people couldn’t make it.  Lots of them texted and emailed to wish me luck. That they could be wrapped up in the midst of busy lives but still take time to remember me, is a thing of wonder.

Together these people donated almost four hundred dollars to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  They bought books and stories for relatives and friends and children of friends.  They told me their own stories and wrapped me up in their care and their warmth.

So to all of you, I say thank you.  Thank you for everything.

Your friend, Rebecca


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  1. Hi, Becko, have just finished reading your blog, love the telstra bit, but tell me, have you got a land line yet? Glad your book launch went well, and hope you got my email wishing you well before it happened. Mum.

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