Now Available On Amazon!


Well, not me, I’m not available on Amazon. I would cost way too much to ship and there’s only one of me (for very good reason, some might say).

As of today, I’m happy to say,  my new book Foley Russel and That Poor Girl is most definitely available on Amazon, despite it’s current lack of a cover image (something several geeks are working madly to fix).

This happened with Willow too.  The book became available on Amazon before it was actually released in Australia.  Why?  It’s part of the publication process.  Along with, write blurb, get cover art, write press release; publishers now add, Amazon, to their list of things to do.  Amazon is actually part of the pre-release process.

Am I the only one who finds this fascinating?


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  1. It’s hard to figure in this high tech age, but change is slow in the Internet book world. (Though sure quicker than the old ways) It was the same way for me when I released my book, “The Mandolin Case.”

    After a while it will take on a life of its own, and it’ll be one you can’t control.

    Dr. B

    • You’re right about the book world being slow to change. I can’t believe that publishers and agents still want hard copy submissions (when it’s so much easier to reject and trash via email). I also find it difficult to understand the reason for geographic restrictions on ebooks. Why, when I can buy the paperback here in Australia, can’t I buy the ebook? That’s not even failing to progress, it’s actually backward! LOL…but that’s the end of my rant for now. Good to hear from you btw!

  2. No, that is fascinating…and weird. I don’t think I like it, lol. Oh god, maybe it’s to see how well it will do and how many copies should even be made? That’s scary? So is your book getting published traditionally, or are you self-publishing.

    • Hi Lauren. It’s coming out via a traditional publisher (an indie but a goodie). It would seem that this is just ‘the way’ now. Strange but true!

      • Good, I’m glad. Indie is good. I don’t think self-publishing is…too respectable. I might change my mind if I was presented a valid argument, but as of now, I respect traditional publishing so much more.

  3. LOL…okay, here’s your valid argument. My first book ‘Mae-be Roses’ was self published because traditional publishers didn’t want to be associated with teen pregnancy (unless the girl was somehow being punished or ‘cast out’). I self published her because I knew she was good and already had people waiting to buy her. She’s now distributed throughout schools all over Australia by those people and is taught as part of their personal development programs.

    The trick with self-publishing is being honest with yourself (how good is my book really?), editing (don’t do it yourself, pay someone to do it for you) and niche (self publishers can’t compete without a niche).

    Also the Five Ingredients girls began by self publishing. They had no publishing history so publishers wouldn’t touch them.

    There’s so much more to talk about on this topic. I posted a blog here somewhere about the ‘Submission’ process. That’s part of the problem too. Authors nowadays are generally very clever people in their own right, they’ve got enough kudos and qualifications in the other parts of their lives that they’re not really keen on being treated like serfs by the traditional publishing process. I think that’s had a lot to do with the increase in self publishing of late…sigh…this is more of a post than a reply isn’t it? Sorry about that!

    • Haha, well, that valid argument was easy to get. I completely understand why some people would self-publish.

      One thing you said though was KEY! People must have a professional edit their work before self-publishing.

      Anyway, I enjoy your blog. I’ll be back.

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