Books And Their Covers


Today I received my first view of the cover for Foley Russel and That Poor Girl.  It’s brilliant.  

People will tell you it’s shallow to judge a book by its cover, but I have to say that I heartily disagree.  A great deal of thought goes into the cover of a book, precisely so that it tells you something about what is contained inside.  With Foley though, the cover is a story of its own.

The photograph featured on the cover was taken by a new young photographer I found online.  Her name is Nina Louise Shelby.  She’s seventeen.  That’s right, read it again, she’s seventeen.  I love the idea of helping a new young artist take a step toward her goals.

Further to this, it happens that the image on the cover is one Nina set up and took of herself and her boyfriend.  Look at the image.  Nina’s in a wheelchair.  No, she’s not pretending for the photo, she really does have a spinal chord injury that keeps her in a wheelchair.  Myself, I think this gives Nina’s work a really interesting perspective (you can check out her gallery at )

After the photo was taken, my wonderful publisher did their thing.  The image was polished, shaped and decorated, all in an effort to ensure that the cover art mimics the ‘feel’ of the story.

Next we’ll be writing the blurb; the short paragraph or two that we hope will give the reader some insight as to the story’s plot, characters and themes.  It’s difficult to write a blurb but as it’s the reader’s first taste of my book, I put a lot of effort into it.   The blurb, by the way, generally goes on the back cover.

Considering all this, I really do hope you’ll judge my books, at least partially by their covers.  After all, if this much thought and attention went into the cover, imagine what I put into the story itself!


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    • Glad you like it Lem. Hopefully others will too. Just got the ‘full wrap’ (front, spine and back including blurb) cover via email today and shed some happy tears.

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