New Rules For Learning To Cook!


In the wake of the floodtide of pressure filled cooking shows lately, I’ve decided to compile a list of new cooking rules.

  1. FAIL – If you haven’t failed, you haven’t tried.  Be brave.  Experiment. Every now and then make up your own recipe.  If it’s awful, you know not to do it again.  If it’s great, pat yourself on the back and glory in the adulation.  We live in a culture almost allergic to failure.  Greatly successful people (Richard Branson, Thomas Edison, Einstein and Bill Gates among hundreds of others) all know that failure is sometimes the most memorable teacher.
  2. GLORY – Food is a seductively sensate thing.  Smell it.  Lick your fingers. Fill your mouth with its different textures. Roll your eyes with pleasure over the taste of it.  Good food is one of life’s few pleasures that is actually good for you, revel in the abundance of it.
  3. SHARE – Eating on your own is never as much fun as eating with others.  Nourishing others is inspiring and gratifying.  Never miss an opportunity to have others at your table.  The more the merrier!
  4. SLOWLY DOES IT – Good knife skills?  You get them by practising the motion slowly so as not to lose a finger.  Good friendships, you build them over slowly drunk coffee and long conversations.  Good food takes time.  Time to grow, time to cook and time to eat.
  5. QUALITY – Buy good quality chocolate, the freshest fruit and veg you can get (find your farmers markets) and invest it with your best efforts.  Great produce needs less done to it, that’s a good thing!

Don’t believe the hype.  This is all it takes for you to go about becoming a great, cook.  I promise.


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