Preserved Lemons…


I have a massive glut of lemons in my garden at the moment, so I today I made up three jars of preserved lemons.  They don’t look quite as pretty as the ones you buy in the shops, but I’m sure they’ll taste the same.  The bonus related to doing this now, is that in the middle of winter, when I’m all dismal and miserable (as I always am in the middle of winter), I will be able to whip up the odd chicken tagine, complete with preserved lemon!  Complete with an accompaniment of fluffy couscous, I can’t imagine anything more likely to make me feel warm, inside and out!

In addition to excellent winter food, I’m also looking forward to some excellent winter reading.  I’m doing it already actually.  I’ve had my had stuck in a series called Savants Blood by Will Greenway.  It’s a brilliant series, keeping me in the perfect frame of mind while I write/edit my own fantasy novel (yes, I’m always reading the same genre in which I’m writing).

All I need now, is to locate the necessary warm spot in my new apartment (like a cat I lay myself out in the warmest patch of sunshine I can find), in order to partake in all this early winter loveliness!


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