I Feel Good….


While you read this post you must imagine me sitting at my desk grooving to imaginary music (I feel good…ner,ner,ner,ner,nuh…I knew that I would…).  Because, yes I do feel good.  I feel book good.  There two excellent reasons for my feeling book good today.

Firstly, I just let a new acquaintance whose son has cystic fibrosis read my book Foley Russel And That Poor Girl.  I wanted her to read it because ‘that poor girl’ actually has CF and I wanted to be absolutely certain I got the book right.  So I sent the manuscript, then I waited, holding my breath with everything crossed.  And guess what, she liked it, she really liked it!

Of course the publisher liked it, because they wouldn’t publish it if they didn’t, but to have someone who’s dealing with CF on a daily basis read it and like it, that’s a clincher.  That’s fabulous.  In fact it’s so great I could dance for joy (ner,ner,ner,ner, nuh…so good, nuh, nuh,  so good).  So now, I can happily progress through the publication process feeling positive and self-assured.

What’s the lesson in this?  Be brave.  If my acquaintance had said the book was awful, I’d have done one of two things.  I’d either have consulted with her over what changes needed to happen in order to ‘de-awful’ the manuscript, or I’d have scrapped the book (apologising profusely to the publisher of course).  It’s easy to go into things, blindly presuming that it’s your story and you’re right.  It’s much harder to ask for, then listen to criticism.  Harder, but much more worthwhile in the end!

So that’s the first reason for my feeling good (go on, sing it with me baby), the second is equally as wonderful.

Yet another good review of Willow Farrington Bites Back arrived for me while I was on holiday!  Busy Mothers Magazine had this to say about my book:

Willow Farrington is a recovering anorexic.  Having spent four months in hospital learning how to eat, not be afraid of food and love herself just the way she is, she is finally at home.  It is here she learns that hospital is really only the first small step in the road to recovery.  Then Willow is paired with a Nazi concentration camp survivor for an English assignment.  And Izzy helps Willow recover that little bit more.

I love reviewing books for Busy Mothers.  I get the chance to be exposed to books that I normally would not choose to read myself. Willow Farrington Bites Back is one of these books – not because I thought it wouldn’t be a good book but because I am a grown up and gravitate toward grown up books.  So reading a teen novel wouldn’t be something I would generally do (maybe in a few years when my kids are teens).  However this is a wonderful, warm, witty story that I read in one sitting.  Bloomer makes you feel for Willow and Izzy and her whole family.  Anorexia is a disease that Willow has but it affects all those who love her.  Izzy and his beautiful wife suffered greatly at the hands of the Nazis and you feel for them too.

Bloomer captures ‘teen speak’ perfectly – the whole not understanding your parents and realising there are other things in the world that are important is very real, the fights with siblings and care of friends make Willow your average girl who teens can relate to.

The novel is also interspersed with fact boxes that are short and sweet but wonderfully informative and help give background information for younger readers.  A great book for teens (especially girls).

(4.5 stars out of 5)

So that’s it folks, I think I’m feeling better than good, I’m feeling justifiably good!


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