The Library


Yes, I know, I’ve been missing in action.  Sorry about that.  Prior to going missing (actually I was in Mooloolaba having a wonderful time) I did a library talk at the Ipswich Library, where I spoke to their teen book group.  Of course I was nervous.  I get nervous about most things.  But really, I think it went very well.  The library staff were lovely and the kids were chatty, thoughtful and clever.  I love that.

The topic of the chat was truth.  How much truth is in fiction and how much fiction is nowadays represented as truth.  We discussed news programs, reality television shows, magazines and also, my book.  This gave me the chance to explain a number of things (including the fact that some reality television shows make me want to go on a killing spree), including my attempt to always include an underlying ‘truth’ within my books.

All in all, I think everyone had a lovely time and I’d like to take this chance to thank the Ipswich Library and their teen book group for being such marvelous hosts!


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  1. Wow – sounds like it was a great afternoon! Your topic sounds so interesting – I would have loved to have been there! Congratulations!!

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