Wonderland was Wonderful!


I went to see Alice In Wonderland on Saturday night.  It was everything I’d expected and more.  In fact the girlfriend I went with pointed out that, watching this movie, it’s easy to see how online gamers become addicted to their online universes.  How?  Well the atmosphere, setting and general vibe of the movie (especially when watching in 3D) was such that we wanted it to go on and on and on.  We were, in short, instantly addicted!

Alice In Wonderland had everything, great story, the excellent actors and beautiful scenery but the thing I liked above all these was Alice.

I read the book to my daughter before we went to the movie (just to be sure she understood the context of the movie).  In the book Alice is quite the victim of circumstance.  Things happen to her.  In the book when Alice takes charge it’s an accidental result of her being either stubborn or temperamental.  In the movie, Alice is in charge from the very word go.  Alice walks away from a pre-arranged marriage proposal in order to begin her trip down the rabbit hole and very early in the piece she tells her canine companion “I choose…”

So begins the story of a newly powerful Alice.

As a woman, mother of a daughter and writer, I’m thoroughly chuffed with the new Alice.  Even when I wrote romances, I couldn’t write a pitiful, indecisive, powerless heroine, mine were jillaroos, engineers, black belts and business owners.  In fact, I was once criticised because one of my characters was ‘too good’. I responded with a blog about how, as far as I’m concerned, real women are superheroes.

I’d love nothing more than for young girls to grow up believing that they’re equal to any task, that they needn’t be lisping ditherers to attract male attention (should they want it), that they should be proud of their achievements.  I want them to believe that THEY CHOOSE…

Which brings me back to Alice In Wonderland.  If you’re looking for a movie to see sometime soon…choose Alice!


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