Radio Interview!


Wahooo!  I just finished doing my first ever radio interview!  Del Nightingale of 3RRP invited me to be part of her writing program.  I was enthusiastic but as nervous as I’ve ever been.  There were so many things to consider, timing especially.  Time is so much more important in a live-to-air radio interview than it is when recording a television interview which can be nipped and cut into an appropriate size.

Prior to the interview I chose excerpts from the book and timed myself while reading them out aloud.  That meant when it came down to interview day, I had all the excerpts printed and ready for when Del needed me to read them.  I didn’t have to fumble then, with pages or finding the quote I wanted, they were all laid out on the desk in front of me!

I think it went well.  Del and Cathy (her co-presenter for the writing segments) were certainly very supportive of the book and made sure to include all the relevant purchase and contact details at the end of the program.  Phew!   So hopefully, I’ll soon have a digital copy of the interview to include here!

Thanks Del!  Thanks Cathy!  Let’s definitely do it again…next time I’ll be less nervous!


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