A Life Without Facebook?


Yes it’s true, it can be done.  In fact I just did it!

I was a very late arrival in Facebook world.  I didn’t feel the need to know what everyone was doing all the time.  I mean really, do I not have enough stuff of my own going on?  Then, when I sold Willow Farrington Bites Back to my publisher, they suggested I join…for publicity reasons.  I was fine with the concept.  I’m not a complete goon when it comes to technology and I don’t mind doing promotional stuff.

What I’ve noticed though, is that my FB friends were my own friends from real life.  These are the people who know how to call me if they want something.  They also know how to email and where I live.  I don’t need FB to maintain a friendship with them.  I also found myself getting emotionally entangled in other people’s worlds.  You know how it goes.  Some FB users keep it light, they post interesting, funny or fairly innocuous stuff.  Others feel the need to tell everyone how life sucks, how angry/miserable or hurt they are.  Others go in the opposite direction and tell everyone how great their life is, how the sun always shines on them and how happy they are to have their life.  That’s great for them.  I’m not sure what it does for the woman whose mother just had a lung removed, or the dad whose child is fighting leukemia…but I’m pretty sure it does as much for them as the whiney posts do for me.  It’s not good.

I’ve also found that I’ve begun to use FB as a time-filler.  Got nothing to do?  Don’t read a book.  Don’t dig in the garden or go for a walk.  Hell no, sit on your butt in front of the computer and read what your friends are doing INSTEAD of inviting them round for coffee!

Why is a blog different then?  Well, my blog lets me write.  I use it to get into the swing of being productive.  Also, I blog maybe once or twice a week, not whenever I have a free moment.  My blog doesn’t require an emotional investment.  Basically, it’s all the good bits of FB and none of the bad.

Before you all start yelling at me and defending FB, let me just say, I have nothing against it.  I just know it’s not good for me!  So, I’m returning to a non-FB life and I’m actually quite excited!

Stay tuned.  This blog was supposed to be about Choosing A Publisher, but I’ll get to that next…after all, I’ll have more time on my hands now, won’t I?


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