Script Writing


Rainy weather seems conducive to writing.  I’ve been motoring through my Willow script these last two or three days, completely in ‘the zone’.  I’m so enjoying turning the book into a script that I’m starting to wonder if maybe script writing isn’t more my thing than books!

The primary reason for my enjoyment of this script writing process is the new program I’m using.  It’s called Celtx.  It’s a free download for the basic program and it’s FABULOUS stuff.  Does all the formatting for you, converts it to pdf when you wish and a myriad of other things too.  At first I was reluctant to learn a new program as I figured it would probably take me as long to learn the program as it would to write the script.  WRONG!  It’s the easiest, most intuitive software I’ve picked up in a while and has made life so easy that I’m positively overjoyed!

Script writing has taught me some things too.  It’s made me view my writing in a much more visual fashion.  When I read, I see a movie playing in my head and generally when I write this is also true.  When writing a script though, one must consider not only individual images and scenes but also how all those scenes are going to roll together.  Are we cutting too often to the one person and how will the director see what I’ve written?  How can I visually indicate and emotion or foreshadow and event.  What visual motifs will be helpful?  It’s fun to think about these things, to imagine the way they’ll eventually appear.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s been some serious ‘negative transfer’ issues when it comes to action/dialogue sequences and so forth, but thanks to my friend Desi, it’s starting to come together for me now.  Getting my work read by Desi made me feel just like a kid watching a teacher mark their exam.  I was like a cat on hot bricks the entire day before our meeting.  She read the first twenty pages of the script in front of me and I’m sure I barely drew breath for the entire process.  She finished the last two pages very quickly and said “They’re really good.”  I replied “Oh thank God!”

Since our meeting, I’ve come home, written another forty odd pages and am about to settle in for some more.  Wish me luck!


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  1. There’s a National Script Writing Month Competition (sponsored by those who put on National Novel Writing Month) in April. I think the program is called Script Frenzy. is the website, there’s a whole bunch of neat info and networking with other writers on there as well.

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