Book Week


Book Week isn’t until August but I’m already excited.

The Logan City Library has asked me if I’ll be their Young Adult author during book week.  Presumably this means I get to talk to kids about books.  How wonderful.  Being that I love books, kids and talking, I think this is going to be a marvelous experience.

Book Week was always one of my favourite things when I was a kid.  A whole week devoted to my favourite thing and the chance for that one week, to be an expert on something.  Everyone has a specialty.  Mine was never really Math and it was only sometimes English, but books, books and I were a match made in heaven.  I was never without my head in one and there was always a spare ‘support’ book in my bag, just in case I should finish one more quickly than expected and then find myself bereft.  Imagine, alone at a bus stop with nothing to read (gasp!).

Hopefully now, I’ll get the chance to pass on some of this passion to other kids, if not via my books, at least through my enthusiasm for other people’s work.  And for those kids who already love books, maybe I’ll be a sign for them, that books can lead to great things, fun things and life full of wonder.

Yes, I’m excited.  Now I just hope, I haven’t peaked too early!


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  1. NO sweetheart you haven’t peaked to early, the best is yet to come. Glad to hear that logan city had the foresight to ask a very clever young woman to do book week for them. Luv You heaps Mum.

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