Teen book clubs


Did you know that some libraries host teen book clubs.  That’s right, not only do young adults still read, some of them are willing to get into groups in order to discuss a particular book from a variety of different perspectives.  How wonderful!

As it turns out, Ipswich library is one of those, so on the 26th of March, I’ll be attending the teen book group as a visiting author.  I’m totally psyched!  I love

Talking to kids in Tassie about 'Mae-be Roses'

teenagers, I especially love smart teenagers, so I think I’m really going to enjoy this group.  Because I love the concept of teens who read AND speak, I really want to do a great job of talking to them.  I want to give them something to think about and chew on, rather than just some boring old talk where I show up and proceed with shameless self-promotion (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  While contemplating what I would like to talk to them about, I thought about the writing process, the publishing/pr process, the topics my books generally cover and how I’ve come to be interested in these topics.  Those are all great things to talk about, but obviously, I can’t cover them all without some kind of unifying theme.  But what theme/concept links all of these seemingly disparate but very connected ideas?  And whatever it is, how will I make it interesting for kids?

I thought.  I thought, and I thought.

Me talking...with my hands!

Then I knew.  I’m going to talk about the truth.  Truth as an issue that writers deal with constantly.  The truth about writing and publishing.  The truth about the themes my books touch upon.  Truth as a quixotic, difficult, slippery subject that engages everyone yet eludes many.  Truth as a many faceted thing that may change with characters, settings and situation.

Kids love the concept of truth almost as much as they love the idea of justice.  So…what do you think?  Too much?  Should I be boring and just talk about the book?  Obviously I want to give them heaps of opportunity to ask questions etc and if they look bored or disinterested I’ll throw my plan out the window, but I thought I should at least start with a plan.  Preferably a plan that I am enthusiastic about so…feedback anyone?

If truth is no good, I’d love suggestions for some other topic!


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