Big Fat Issues…


I am so tired of hearing about people’s weight.  I don’t care that Oprah’s regained her weight.  I don’t care that Kirsty Alley did either.  I don’t want to watch any more biggest loser or fat camp programs.  In addition to this, I cannot tell you how the latest news regarding the massive increase in Aussie women’s weight, makes me want to scream.  Really?  We’re all getting fatter faster are we?

Obviously we’re not supposed to be getting simultaneously fatter and smarter, because firstly, anyone who knows anything about weight measurement, knows that the BMI as a measure of healthy weight, is just a crock.  When the U.S airforce decided to introduce the BMI as a measure of health for their forces, the vast majority of their special forces servicemen were in danger of being drummed out of the airforce on the basis of their health!  These are men who are the epitome of health.  They run miles every day with full packs.  They train like maniacs on all areas of their health.  Yet despite this, the one thing they most definitely ARE is heavy.


Because they’re muscular.  Muscle really does weigh more than fat.  Muscular people weigh lots!  They have very high BMI’s.

No, I’m not saying all Australian women are muscular.  I’m saying they shouldn’t judge their weight by a single, stupid, obviously misleading, number.  I’m saying that if we want to know how healthy we are, we oughtn’t be making that judgement based upon a shirt size, a waist size, our weight in kilograms or any of those other individual and seemingly random and eminently changeable measures.

If you want to know how healthy you are, go see your doctor.  Let the doctor give you a blood test, take your blood pressure, do a pinch test on you.  Let the doctor listen to your lungs and heart.  Get a pap smear (if you’re a girl) or a prostate exam (if you’re a guy).  Let the doctor who knows you, tell you if you need to lose weight.  But more than worrying about your weight, worry about your HEALTH!

While you’re contemplating your health, work on your mental health too.  Consider reality; most people are not models or t.v. stars.  Most people have to work at something that requires a bit of travel in both directions and some slog in between.  We’re not paid to maintain a glamourous figure.  Sometimes, while changing nappies, digging holes, painting walls and generally living, we look a bit crap!  That people is NORMAL!

Want to know what else is normal?  Clever people, funny people, caring people, sporty people.  People all over the place possess vast numbers of skills and talents that apparently don’t deserve as much attention as their weight.  What is wrong with us that we’re willing to listen to a rerun (yup a rerun) of Oprah telling us about her latest fat issue.  Why  do we swallow that?  Why don’t we ask her about how her school is going? (surely a humanitarian effort is more important that a weightloss effort).  Why don’t we ask her about the Angel Network? (pounds and dollars raised for a charity  should be more important than pounds lost in weight right?)

And WHY did I hear an Aussie television program discussing Joe Hockey’s weight the other evening?  Why did they feel the need to ask if Australia would vote for a fat prime minister?  FDR, one of America’s most influential presidents was less than physically perfect specimen.    People nowadays say that if the public had seen him in a wheelchair, America never would have voted for him (four times in a row)…and it would have been a much poorer country had they not!

My point?  My point is that we’ve become so shallow I’m sickened.  I’m sick to my stomach when I see young girls starving themselves to death in an effort to meet some idiot PR concept of perfection.  I’m sick to my back teeth of people who judge others by their looks rather than their deeds.  Can we just not?

Imagine how vibrant our world would be if we were all healthy and individual and HAPPY!  Let’s do that shall we?  And when all these idiots come on t.v. sprouting misleading facts based on inaccurate measurements, lets not be quiet (because silence is assent).  Let’s turn off the program.  Change the channel, write a letter, do something!

Take issue with it…big fat issue with it.

Here endeth the rant!


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