Great Week…


A great week is not always defined by writing achievements for me.  This week I was happy that my smallest child and I made finger buns together in preparation for school lunches and that said child SO enjoyed school.  I got back to yoga.  I cleaned the house. I discovered Israeli couscous at the local deli. I made the tastiest berry frappes ever.   I’ve organised the weekend and yes, I wrote a bit.

I also had the nicest thing happen.  I got asked to do an interview with Jewish News Australia in order to discuss the Jewish angle present within Willow Farrington Bites Back. My first thought was “Oh…do I know enough?”  Then, typical of me, I started researching.  At some point, I realised that one cannot learn an entire religion within two days.  So, I’ve decided that if I’m supposed to know more than what was required to write the book, then I’m just out of luck, which is okay, because I’ve had my fair share of luck lately.

Here’s what was especially nice though; the feeling that I will be fine with this interview, the belief that I actually am enough (see previous post for my new affirmation), know enough and have done enough (well at least this week).  That’s pretty cool.

How ’bout you?  How was your week?


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