Today I Am Enough…


I found this saying plastered onto someone’s fridge recently and felt my whole body sigh with relief as I read it.

Isn’t it true that as people we expend so much energy trying for things.  Trying to be what others want, what we expect of ourselves and what we think is required.  We wear ourselves out with all this effort at trying to be more than we are.

To some extent, I think striving is good.  Learning is great.  But there has to be a limit.   I’ve never been very good at knowing my limits.

In addition to this, there are hordes of people (as I’m sure you know) who thrive on criticising others.  Some do it to make themselves feel better, others do it for a living.  There are entire industries that revolve around tearing people down.  We’ve become allergic to imperfection.

Perhaps that’s why I actually felt these words sink into me as I read. I shivered as they ran across my skin and embedded themselves in my memory.

Maybe the words themselves are magic.   Today I Am Enough.

Powerful words.

They’re not words to discourage effort.  They’re words to make you believe you’re able to overcome.  Whatever happens, you’re enough.  You can do it, you are able and you have everything you need.  You’re enough.

At the same time they’re settling words.  Words that anchor you to the ground and help you understand that nothing else is required except that you be exactly who you are.  In this moment, today.

Practise these words.  Incant them as you feel your shoulders rise closer to your ears with tension and your chest tighten with nerves.  Pray them when life tumbles past and you’re caught in the wash.  Know them.  They’re good for you.  You can feel it.

Today I am enough.


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        My blog is at It’s a blog.

        My post is called I am enough. I discovered tag surfer today and that’s how I found your blog! It is a great feeling to acknowledge that you are enough.
        Hope your ‘munchkin’ got off okay?

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