Old Dog, new tricks!


My adventure this week was learning about script writing.  I’ve recently met an independent film maker who believes Willow Farrington Bites Back would make an excellent film.  So we met this week to discuss script writing etc.  It began with discussions of short films, ideas for opening sequences etc and at some point, the lovely Desi exclaimed “Fuck it, let’s make a feature!”  So now that’s the plan.

I have been loaded up with sample scripts.  I’ve downloaded the very cool Celtix software and I’ve begun!

Far from being daunted by learning a new genre, I’m actually really enjoying the process.  I think the pressure is off.  With writing novels and short stories, I expect my writing to be good.  I know the rules, I know how I work and I know what I like.  I pressure myself to be constantly improving and  building and working.  This script though, this is an unexpected pleasure, something just for fun, and I love it!  I also think it’s freed up my other writing.  I find words flowing from me (during the scene adding/editing process) much more freely.

I also really enjoyed meeting with Desi.  She’s talented and funny and hugely creative.  Some people energise others and Desi is one of those.  I came away from having seen her feeling really good and like I could actually write a script!  So while I’m sure there will be lots of suggestions, criticisms and differences to come, right at this moment, I’m just enjoying myself.

So that’s my big tip for writers at the moment.  If you find yourself experiencing a bit of literary constipation…learn a new genre, play a little.  You’ll love the outcome!


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