Post Rush…


Here’s something not everybody knows.  Publishers (big, small and intermediate) generally allocate six weeks of promotion time to each book they release.  During those six weeks, sales of the book are supposed to earn back the authors advance.

Advances are something else most non-authors don’t understand.  An advance is not a one-off payment for the book.  It’s an advance against royalties.  Which means that until sales of the book cover the amount of the advance, the author isn’t paid squat.  In order to get a good reputation in the book industry, an author (and his/her books) need to develop a habit of ‘covering the advance’.

All this means that as soon as the six weeks are up and the advance is ‘covered’, the publishers stop promoting and the author, unless they continue their own marketing campaign, stops earning.

For authors, the period following that first six week rush, is often a bit daunting.  After all, we’re writers, not PR people, right? WRONG.  I have, of late, become a PR queen, however, I find myself running out of ideas.  Here’s a list of what I’ve done to date.

  1. Newspaper coverage in local newspaper
  2. Brief television coverage on the news.
  3. Regional radio program coming up in March
  4. Book signings at  local bookstore immediately after release
  5. Arranging more book signings at chain stores
  6. Library book talks
  7. Reviews from Eating Disorders Associations (various state ones)
  8. Postcard placement at beauty salon (as book is about finding your own form of beauty) along with directions to the book shop across the way.
  9. Leaving postcards and lollipops at every place I stay for cleaning and admin staff to find and pique their interest.

Well, there’s no ten, because I’ve run out of creative ideas.  Help?  Anyone?


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  1. Somehow get it into school libraries. In a school if one kid reads a book and likes it, it often ends up being read by all their friends. I already have a few of my friends hooked, Lauren my best friend for example has read both Willow and Mae-be now. It at least works that way with my school. xx

    • You’re right and I’m working on that. Just found out the whole ‘how to’ school thing today actually. Have to wait for them together…thank you most awesome cousin!

    • Actually, now that I think of it, awesome cousin, I think you and your friends should ask your school librarian to order the books in…that way she’ll talk about it with all her librarian friends! Apparently that’s how these things happen!

  2. oh and I forgot to mention, I looked it up in the town library and they have two copies both of which were out. 🙂

    • Well YAY you! And OMG you have to take a photo of my book in your library for me (both of them)! You just MADE my day and have officially been elevated to absolute favouritist, bestest, cleverest near-as-dammit cousin ever!

      • Well sure I will as soon as it comes back. (rolls eyes) Been spreading the rumours (true ones) about your book and so far three people have read mae-be with more lined up. People are liking it.

      • Awww Chloe, I love you! I’m so happy people are liking it. I’ve been plagued by self-doubt of late (yep, imagine that, me less than absolutely certain!), so that’s just exactly the news I need!

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