People Write!


Just back from my coastal holiday to a garden of weed filled mayhem but I have to admit, I’m inspired.  While sitting on the beach recently, I saw the strangest thing.  People writing.  Some were writing letters and postcards (yes people still do that apparently).  Others wrote in journals and diaries.  Whatever the case, they all put pen to paper in order to communicate feelings, ideas and memories.  Further to this, I had a cousin come to visit for a day and she told me how she loves to write in all forms, as does her mother.  They each turn letter writing into an art form (and always have, I think this is a skill we all learned from my Nanny) and they also keep journals.  

I have never kept a diary (even as a teen when I tried, it was a sporadic and farcical undertaking) and my letters have become emails.  The most handwriting I commit to paper at the moment, is in the form of  thank you notes following a dinner with friends or notes to teachers begging forgiveness for my child’s latest indiscretion.  Worse still, I used to write out out troublesome scenes from books longhand because the connection between brain and pencil seemed to allow clearer communication.  Nowadays I find that typing as fast as I can think, allows me to feel instantly productive.  Ack!  What’s happened to me?

Look at how many people, every day, write more words than I do!  And here I call myself a ‘writer’.  It’s definitely time for me to get back to work!


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  1. What an inspiring sight! Secretly I get a wee bit depressed whenever I am surrounded by laptop wielding writers with my notebook and measly pen. Their ideas are flowing at a million miles per hour while mine are stuck at a sloooow crawl. Longhand to many is a dying art 😦

  2. It is and our children are fast beginning to see it a superfluous to their needs. Little do they know, the connection that can occur when your brain has just a moment in which to fully realise a thought. My students even used to comment on how my writing changed (on the blackboard) according to my mood!
    The process of writing is a magical thing. Don’t be depressed!

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