Weighing IN…


Yes it was a nice play on words, when the newsreader suggested that Willow and I ‘weighed in’ on the weight debate.  Mostly, we didn’t.  Mostly we talked about the book.  We offered statistics and clear statements regarding our concerns in relation the obesity epidemic and latest photoshopping debates.  We did not at any time, forcefully ‘weigh in’ on any topic.  In fact, it should be said that Willow had to be talked (almost bullied) into  offering any kind of a comment.  

By and large, I think the story made a good point in the two minutes allocated to it.  Nobody came off looking horrible and the camera man got a lovely shot of the book cover, even if the newsreader got the title a little wrong.  The issue has been raised (which is very important to me)  As soon as I’ve smoothed things over with Willow, I think I’ll be quite pleased with it.  

Any other opinions?


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