Five PM Channel Ten!


Well, today happened with a rush.  First a blog about not writing and then the sudden arrival of an interview possibility with Channel 10.  While the lovely Jess had spoken to me previously about doing an inteview on Willow etc, she also explained that she has to wait for a camera crew to be available etc etc before she can actually come out to do the interview.  This means that despite our agreeing to do the interview, nobody really knew when it would happen.  As it turns out, it happened today.

The interview itself involved me, Willow and Renee Watt (friend and expert on treatment of eating disorders).  Altogether, the hours spent getting lighting, angles and interview taped, the piece that goes to air will be approximately two minutes long.  Amazing.  Thus the need for the eight second sound byte (that I can never manage).

Long story short, Jess and her crew (Mark and Lisa on camera, lighting and sound) were fabulous, friendly and encouraging.  The put everyone at their ease and I’m hoping we gave them enough to work with.  If you’re keen to see the piece itself, you should tune in tomorrow night (January 6) at 5pm in order to see us all.


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    • I hope so. Feel a bit sick about it at the moment. I think it’s the whole ‘giving over control’ thing that gets me. Surely a two minute bit can’t be that awful…can it?

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