Christmas Reading…


Like most writers, I enjoy having a whole stack of books at my disposal.  You’d think that would make me an excellent library goer.  Nope.  I’m never organised enough to avoid the overdue fees.  I also don’t like to feel pressured about reading books ‘in time’ for anything.    That said, I’m also a fast reader, so the pressure thing is probably all in my head.  

 Anyway, over the last three weeks or so, I’ve read only two books.  The first is Anathem by Neal Stephenson.  If you’re a hard core fantasy reader, you’ll loveit.  I wandered through the first three hundred pages or so while I was doing book signings etc and recall saying to my sister “I can feel the plot in there, I know something is happening, all the clues are there, I just need it to get a move on!”  In the end, the plot mattered less than Fraa Erasmus and the philosophical dialogues undertaken throughout the story.  By four or five hundred words in, I truly cared more about the points being made in the various debates than I did about the characters.  Usually I am one of those who reads characters first and plots second, everything after that is incidental, so it’s a credit to Mr Stephenson that I so enjoyed Anathem.  

 Following that came Margaret Atwood’s The Year Of The Flood.  Loved it.  Alias Grace, also by Margaret Atwood is one of my favourite books ever read, but some of her others have left me feeling rather ambivalent, so I always choose her books with a sense of trepidation.  Am I in for a good read or a mediocre one that is a lot more work than it’s worth?  Well, The Year Of The Flood has made it onto my ‘good books’ list and I’m happy to recommend it to any who love a well paced, finely woven story that couches an environmental message without beating you over the head.  It’s lovely.  

 So, what’s next?  You’ll laugh at this.

 Next is Nora Roberts and Sue Grafton.  They’re loaded and waiting for me to start on page one.  It’ll be a toss of the coin as to who goes first as they’re both writers I know I can count on for an easy, happy read, perfect for the Christmas holidays.  Following them, who knows what will draw my attention.  After all, without diversity, we are doomed…and bored!

What about you?  What will you be reading this Christmas season?  Any recommendations for me?


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  1. I have ‘Anathem’ in the queue, but not sure if I’ll get to it for Christmas; going to give Charlaine Harris a go, read another Jeff Lindsay (book two in the ‘Dexter’ series) and maybe go to an old favourite from the shelf.

    All our presents to family and friends this year are books. Wrapping them is hard to do without taking at least a peek at a page here and there.

  2. Mmmmn, ‘Anathem’ requires some getting into, wait until you’ve got a moment. Charlaine Harris is another one of those ‘reliables’ isn’t she?

    Books are never a bad present. Especially not if you chance upon a new author!

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