Deep Breath…


Well, it’s done.  I’ve posted off my entry to the One Book Many Brisbanes competition.  This is a new incarnation of the comp. as far as I can tell.  When the anthology began, people entered a story in its entirety.  Winning entries were automatically included in the anthology and winning writers received whatever the prize was at the time.  

This year, a story proposal is required along with a writer’s CV that demonstrates a commitment to and passion for, writing.  The prizes this year include three writing Masterclasses.  These classes are a bigger lure for me than any other prize on offer.  So I’ve mustered up what’s left of my organisational capabilities, carved out some time today and put together my proposal.  I’m really happy with the result.

Oddly enough, I’ve thought about entering this competition for years now, but have never been able to get all my passion for my home town sufficiently reduced (which, in cooking, never fails to intensify flavour) such that it made a comprehensible and comprehensive story.  This year, I sat around a table with colleagues in my writers group and floated my idea.  We discussed it at length.  Everyone had an anecdote they were happy to share and what began with giggles finished in gales of laughter and happy tears streaming down our cheeks.  Truly if this story ‘gets up’  triumphant laughter will again ring out.

So, wish me luck, I’ve taken the first step.  I’ve drawn a big, deep, breath and entered the fray!


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  1. In theatre, they’d say ‘break a leg’. I’m wondering what writers should say to each other when they want to wish someone good luck without jinxing them; might it be ‘trash a hard drive’ or ‘snap a pen’? Whatever it is, I’m wishing it for you. 🙂

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