From Cover to Cover!


Everyone knows that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.  Strangely lots of us still do; which is why there continues to be work for cover artists and photographers.  Over the years, with romance novels and now with my YA books, I’ve been very lucky to work with some excellent cover artists.  

 Creating the cover for Willow Farrington Bites Back was a relatively simple process.  I chose the photographs (perfect as they were) and my publisher made up the cover.  I adore my Willow cover.  The girl on the cover is so perfect for the book, I chuckle every time I look at it.  So you can imagine then, how happy I was to hear from the man who took the photographs (both front and back cover images). WillowFarringtonBitesBack

 His name is Scott Griessel from Creatista.   He told me that the front cover model’s name is Danielle and the other girl on the back cover is Joy.  According to Scott, they’re both free spirits with a unique and funky sense of fashion.  They’re also thrilled to find themselves on covers half way round the world.  You can’t imagine how happy this makes me.  

 I feel, somehow, as though speaking to Scott (and subsequently Danielle) that the book has become more ‘whole’.  The words and pages have always felt special.  I knew they meant something to me and would mean something to others.  The cover though, while pretty and fun, wasn’t mine.  I chose it and that’s all.  Knowing now, that even the cover of this book is special to others, makes me smile.  

 It’s a wonderful life I’m having at the moment and I’m glad I get to spread a little of it around!


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