Book Signing Today…


Okay, so I’ve done the official publisher’s launches.  My publishers do a launch of all their new season authors at once, so each launch has been attended by at least two other authors.  Today’s signing though, is just for me and Willow Farrington Bites Back.  It’s not until three o’clock this afternoon but I’m awake early.  I need coffee, I need to figure out what to wear.  I need to put all my promo gear in the one spot so I don’t forget anything (because I’ve been known to do that).  

I’m really looking forward to this signing because it’s in my local book shop.  Mary Ryan’s at Springfield is one of the friendliest bookshops I’ve ever been in (and I’ve been in a few).  There is no sense of literary snobbery there and no valuing of one genre over another.  At this shop, as long as you’re a reader, they’re happy to meet you.  Because I am most certainly a reader, the staff there have gotten to know me very well.  I think the girls in MR were as thrilled to see my book cover as I was!

Anyway, as long as more than one man and his dog show up today (and my writers group assure me they’re attending as my rent-a-crowd) then hopefully, my favourite bookshop will make a few sales.  Wish me luck!


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  1. You don’t need luck
    You need to have fun
    You are in print
    Well done
    Go have a blast
    Enjoy every minute
    You well deserve it

    I don’t know you but i’m feeling your excitement and can’t wait for my moment one day soon.

    • Well thank you for the encouragement. I plan on taking your advice, I promise. When you have your book signing, I promise to offer the same sound advice!

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