Brisbane Book Launches


This is the way we sign the books!

Well, my goodness, that’s the first two Brisbane launches of Willow Farrington Bites Back, under my belt.  The excitement and build-up surrounding a book launch is quite a deal more than I had anticipated.  Why?  Well it’s the reading you see.  Reading others a small piece of your heart, tends to make one a little weepy.  However, I made it through on both occasions with just the barest vocal quiver and did not wreck my mascara.  

The signing process is much more fun.  Signing a book for someone is a celebration.  It’s about anticipation, completion and renewal all in the one process.  Because authors can’t control the readers impressions, which are created by their own experiences and understandings, our writing, when we hand it to someone else for reading, changes shape.  It grows and morphs with every reading.  I can’t wait to hear about how Willow has been interpreted by readers. 

Of course the fun isn’t over yet, in fact it’s only just begun.  Tomorrow Willow and I will be interviewed by the lovely Bridgit from the Queensland Times newspaper.  Saturday the 5th (at three pm just in case you’d like to come) will be my book signing at my favourite Mary Ryans book shop in Orion Springfield.  You won’t be able to miss the staff or me, we’ll be the ones wearing tiaras and eating lollipops!

Then it’s off down to Melbourne on the 6th and Sydney on the 12th where the reading and signing process will hopefully be a little easier due to the fact that nearly no-one will know me (so if I’m awful,

Me reading to a crowd...much different from a classroom.

can fade quietly into oblivion).     The lack of peeps in the crowd will also hopefully mean less imbibing of celebratory alcohol, which may serve to keep the aftermath to a minimum.

While undertaking this process though, I have a few tips for beginners (like me) who may be about to embark on their own signing tour soon.

  1. Don’t be shy.  Not everyone in the room knows you, but if they did, they’d all want to buy your book.  So say hello to people, find out about them and let them know you’re happy to sign their book for them.
  2. Be visible.  Wear a colour, look like fun and you’d be amazed at how many people want to talk to you!
  3. Bring your own pen.  Yep, I went to a book launch and forgot my pen!
  4. Check spelling.  People sometimes spell their names differently to what you might imagine.  Check before you start writing.
  5. Get a new signature.  Don’t sign your books the same way you sign your credit card receipts, that’s just asking for trouble. 
  6. Have a contingency plan.  Sometimes technology fails, if it does, you should be ready to do a song and dance without the back up crew of powerpoint and slideshow.

Making friends and discussing writing...

That’s it so far.  I’ll let you know what else I learn as I go along.  Wish me luck!


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