The First Review Is IN!


Hi All,

The first review for my (very) soon to be released book Willow Farrington Bites Back arrived today.  It reads as follows:

Rebecca Bloomer’s Willow Farrington Bites back is a delightful book offering an honest insight into the life of a girl who has anorexia.  Willow is an intelligent, witty and sensitive girl who is full of charisma. You are drawn you into Willow’s personal account of her family, school, inner life and her relationship with her eating issues. When Willow meets a Jewish man from a school project named Izzy, who survived starvation in concentration camps, a bond is made, a friendship forged and we are reminded that despite the negative aspects of human history and condition, what is important is human triumph, connection, understanding, humour, love, family, friendship and a good food fight!

I am, as ever, left speechless and teary over the fact that someone really likes my book.  I mean, it’s one thing for me to love it, I wrote it, but that somebody else should have read and appreciated it.  That they got the message and enjoyed the ride; that fills me with a sense of awe and humility.  My baby is something I can be proud to own.  

Thanks guys.


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  1. Happy Saturday Rebecca!
    Finished reading the wonderful “Willow” at approximately 4.00am this morning………..I concur with the above “first review in”, which I just read…… can indeed be proud of your “baby”. Will look forward to your future dreams being ongoing and realized, with glad anticipation.
    It was a great evening, and my good fortune to meet you, the Author, and all the others …..congrats…..onwards and upwards!
    Regards from me, Jill.

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