The Hand That Holds the Needle…


This morning I watched a report on the rising incidence of drugs in primary schools.  People are talking about the hands_world_smneed to police these things.  About teachers being tired of being teachers as well as police men and women and surrogate parents.  And I have to say, as a teacher and a parent, I’m a bit concerned by the fact that the report focussed on these drugs being ‘in primary schools’ rather than ‘in the hands of children’.

While watching, I was reminded of that old saying “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.”  How did ecstasy tablets come to the hands of a ten year old.  How did the eight year old boy know how to roll a spliff?  How did the five year old come across a ‘bag of white powder’?  And why are we not investigating the hands from whence they came rather than the hands into which these substances fell? 

As a nation, it seems we’ve become afraid of setting boundaries for people.  We’re frightened of defining the line between what is acceptable and what is not.  But here’s the rub.  Those cradle rocking hands, are determining the future of everybody’s world.  If then, the hands choose to hold a needle or a tablet or a drug rather than a cradle, they are making more than a personal choice.  They’re making a decision that changes many futures. 

Would it not be sensible then, to focus on the hand that has created this (and many other) issue within our culture and retrain it.  If it cannot be retrained, keep it from the cradle, because it almost certainly cannot rock a cradle and hold a needle at once.


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