If Wishes Were Fishes


I found out tonight that I won a short story competition.  I wrote an adult fairy tale called If Wishes Were Fishes.  I’m so excited to have won that I can barely think straight!

I do love speculative fiction.  I love that it lets my mind and my story go wherever they want.  There are no rules with these things.  No reason humans must walk because I can change the laws of gravity and even the biological structure of an organism.  I can create a tale that encourages my reader along for the ride, hoping that a small respite from reality will help them to see their own world a little differently when they return. 

I am also a big believer in wishes.  Not the whimsical, trivial piddling wishes we make in an offhand fashion fairly regularly (in my case); but rather the wishes that we keep in our hearts and nurture with constant attention.  Those are the wishes I think truly have a chance. 


Because we nurture them.  Because we don’t set them in the hands of jealous people, or cynical friends.  We don’t leave them out in an atmosphere that will corrode and corrupt them. We cherish them and feed them and work them until they are refined and perfect.  

These perfected wishes come true because in our day to day life, we align ourselves and our actions with the wish.  We work on ourselves as much as the wish.  Which really begs the question…are they wishes, or are they plans?  Is there really any difference?

I know it’s only one short story.  But I’ve had a lot of luck lately and I’m beginning to think that some of my one big wish, may be getting closer and closer to coming true!



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