Quentin Bryce – New Governor General



Well today is the day.  Quentin Bryce is being sworn in as Australia’s first female governor general.  Of course, the media is also beating her up as possible Australia’s last governor general.  Rather than being distracted by the republican debate though, I’d rather look at what Her Excellency represents.

It’s public knowledge that she was a lawyer.  Few people realise that she was the first woman ever admitted to the Bar, this alone points to an iron will.  Quentin Bryce has also been the Commissioner for Sexual Discrimmination, where she advocated for women’s rights and acted there on behalf of women in general.  She has also been a huge advocate for children’s rights and welfare.  So we can gather from this, that the new Governor General is not short on heart.  Somewhere in there, she managed to produce and raise five children and is now the grandmother of five more.  We can deduce then, that she’s quite the time management guru.

Recently, I contemplated interviewing Ms Bryce as the Governor of Queensland.  Do you know what I had to do to get an interview?  I had to ring her office and ask!  The secretary pencilled me in and away we went.  The woman is completely lacking in pretense.

While the Governor General is admittedly, little more than a figurehead, I find great hope in Ms Bryce holding this position.  Rather than what she can do, I prefer to focus on what this new Governor General represents.  On more than one occasion, Ms Bryce has been heard to say ‘girls can do anything’.  Not only did she say it, she proved it.

Unlike many of our politicians, Australia’s new Governor General represents the great heart of Australian womanhood.  She represents a truly egalitarian ideology.  She’s proof of the fact that being different often leads to being great and that good intentions coupled with a strong will, can lead to wonderful things.  Here is a role model for Australian girls. 

What are the media talking about then…whether or not Governor Generals are a waste of money!  I don’t remember whether or not the media did this when the last GG was sworn in, but I don’t think so.  How disappointing that rather than focussing on a momentus occasion for women, the media would choose to find a negative angle (although, I’m sure for some, a woman in power is a negative angle).   

For my part, I’m sticking with the positive.  Quentin Bryce is my hero!


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