What difference does it make?


So, John McCain’s running mate Sarah Palin has a daughter who is, according to the news this morning “teenaged, unmarried and pregnant”.  There are a number of questions I have about this issue.  Firstly, if she were teenaged, married and pregnant, would that be better?  What about if she were not a teenager and was simply unmarried and pregnant?  OR what about her being teenaged and married? 

Actually, it would seem that any combination of these would be a bad thing in the eyes of today’s media.  Sadly Ms Palin’s daughter has hit the whammy button and managed to become everything she shouldn’t. 

The issues that arise from this are many and varied in both cause and effect.  The most obvious issue I have is how Bristol (the daughter) being pregnant could have any detrimental effect on Ms Palin’s  political standing.  The fact that Sarah Palin is supporting her daughter through a very difficult time, providing her with a loving, caring, gentle place to work through the decisions she must make is a credit to Ms Palin, not a negative. 

And where is the boyfriend?  Why are the media not referring to the ‘teenaged unmarried father’?

Who started this story?  What political agenda is being furthered?  I would HATE to think that someone who believes they’re supporting Barack Obama would start a mud-slinging campaign that effectively cheapens and counters everything he supposedly represents.

My other problem with the media coverage is that young Bristol is probably feeling bad enough (morning sickness and social ostracism will do that to a girl).  Imagine then, the weight of media scrutiny and the possibility of affecting her mother’s political career!  How much responsibility would the media be willing to take if (god forbid) young Bristol decided it was all too much? 

More importantly, how long will it take for our culture/society to realise that young people have sex?  Sex people, is a normal, natural, healthy part of life.  Social rules regarding what makes a girl ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is the reason so many young girls fall pregnant.  How many more would be on the pill, or using effective contraception if they weren’t restricted from or embarrassed about buying it?

We need to be teaching our girls that we value them no matter what.  We need to encourage girls via our actions as a culture, to take care of themselves.  We need to stem the tide of thoughtless journalists and reporters mindlessly supporting a narrow minded ideology and return to a time when the media provoked thought, when it exposed all sides of the story in an unbiased, mind broadening fashion. 

Why isn’t our media teaching tolerance rather than just preaching it?


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  1. Hi Bec,

    So far, the news is being met with a yawn over here. It’s the media, hungry for ‘drama’, that digs up the mud and slings it.

    I think the only problem we liberals have with this story is the fact that the young woman IS getting married–at seventeen! We can all but see Mama’s shotgun dug into the boyfriend’s back.

    The poor thing will not be hounded as badly as Brittany Spears. Being the daughter of a political figure is hard enough, I’m sure…but there’s a certain level of privacy for those kids. When Bush’s daughter made a public drunken spectacle of herself, it was reported and quickly squashed. And from what I understand, our media isn’t as horrendous as The British press. I don’t know how yours is. Do they respect anyone public?


  2. You’re right, I posted the blog before the whole ‘but she’s getting married’ thing came up. I don’t know how marriage will help anything, but that would just be my humble opinion!

    As to our media, I don’t think they have the scope for the same kind of frenzied behaviour as yours and the British. The worst they could manage during our election was ‘discovering’ that Kevin Rudd (current PM) had once visited a strip club. To which the public responded “And?”

    We did have a bit of a hoo-ha recently about a baby whale that was starving to death in a bay in Sydney. Long story short it would have cost millions of dollars to feed it and even then it wouldn’t have survived without its social structure. The extreme greenies got all up in arms about not saving it. Forget the millions of children starving to death around the world every day…lets make a futile effort at saving a baby whale instead!

  3. Actually, now that I think about it, my mother used to say that “a baby makes good marriage better and a bad marriage worse”. How would that apply to Bristol?

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