Like…totally trippy!


My goodness, it feels like I’ve been gone forever.  In fact, it’s only been a couple of weeks.  What kept me away?  Tasmania!

Yep, I did a bit of a book tour around Tasmania, visiting schools using Mae-be Roses as a text book.  I visited Ulverstone State High and also Rosebery State High and had a wonderful time.  The kids were great and asked about a zillion questions…all of them good questions, some of them extremely insightful.  So while I was nervous to start off with, because after all, the book is precious to me, I soon settled down and everything went smoothly. 

What kind of questions did the kids ask?  Hmmm…well…they wanted to know everything.  All the gory details and none of the rubbish that adults get het up over.  And that made me so happy because that means I got the story right.  These guys didn’t care whether I thought god might smite me for having been a teenaged mum, they preferred to ask about how I’d felt, how I’d coped and what my life was like now.  They wanted advice and friendship.  Again…nothing I can’t offer. 

The other reason the students’ questions made me happy was because the number and detail of the questions meant that not only had they read the book…they’d ENJOYED it!  Oh and they like the new cover! 

So ultimately, I had a great trip.  As soon as I get the photos I’ll be sure to post them.  And just so you know…I’m thinking of having the next post relate some of the questions the kids asked.  Their stories are amazing and their questions are the same questions probably every kid needs answered.  So I’m going to humbly offer advice.  Stay tuned for ‘Dear Becky’!



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